About Us


Our Story

Founded in 2007 in the scenic community of Chilliwack, BC, Valley Outdoors Design & Maintenance began as the vision of Justin Nicholson. With a Jeep Cherokee, a trailer, and a set of tools, Justin set out to provide an important service to the residents of Chilliwack. Valley Outdoors has grown with the community since that first season!

Our Commitment

What started as a one-man operation has blossomed into a flourishing landscaping company with a fleet of trucks and a dedicated team of professionals.

Starting with small yard installations at the beginning, the team at Valley Outdoors is now experienced at large scope landscape projects and project management as well. (We still love small gardening jobs too!)

At Valley Outdoors, our values are rooted in:

High Standards

We uphold the highest standards in the landscaping industry, valuing good work ethic, personal growth, and maintaining a learning mindset.

Creativity and Bringing People Together

We believe in using our landscaping expertise as a way to create something long lasting and valuable, by caring for the natural beauty of the Fraser Valley.

We value our professional relationships with our team members, local businesses and partners in the community.


Valley Outdoors strives to be a leader in the landscaping industry and a positive role model for others.

At Valley Outdoors, it is our belief that what we do, and more importantly, how we do it, impacts both us and our communities. From our interactions with clients to maintaining outdoor residential and commercial spaces, we strive to achieve excellence within ourselves and our work.


Whether you're envisioning a beautiful garden, an updated landscape, or a community project, Valley Outdoors is here to turn your ideas into reality. We invite you to let us be part of your landscaping story, and experience the dedication and expertise that sets us apart.

We'd Love To Hear From You

Contact Valley Outdoors to improve your outdoor space today. We'd love to hear from you! Our landscaping experience is extensive, so chances are we have answers to your questions.